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Regulations for speed competition events (autocrosses).  Covers course layout, event administration, tech inspection, entrants, protests, and more.  Last revised March 2006.
Link to SCCA Rules Book for 2015
The official 2014 SCCA Solo Rule Book.   VMSC will be following the SCCA classing rules for the 2014 season, so this is the reference you need to figure out the class your car belongs in.
Keath Marx of TSCC put together a spreadsheet of cars and classes, condensed from the 2014 SCCA rule book.  This does not cover specific modifications, just lists the classes a given car could be in.   REVISED Oct 20, 2014

Shows the basic breakdown of which modifications will put your car in which category:  Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared, or Street Modified.

You can then use the 2012 SCCA rules (available separately) to figure out the actual class, e.g. STS etc.  Just scroll down to the section on the category you figured out from the chart.

2012-04-05  Updated spreadsheet formatting for better printing.

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