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Author Topic: For Sale 1991 Miata with 1.8L VVT engine Richmond, VA  (Read 418 times)
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« on: May 01, 2017, 07:43:36 AM »

I purchased this in January with the hopes of it being a fun project car. I can't seem to get comfortable in it. I'm selling it to buy an MR2, something I'm much more comfortable in.

It has over 250k miles on the chassis. A previous owner went through the effort of prepping the body and having it painted, but the paint job is not good. It's cracking and peeling on the plastic parts and there's runs and orangepeel on the metal parts. It was my intention to vinyl it a different color.
It has a very nice Racing Beat front bumper on it.

A previous owner installed a Hard Dog single diagonal roll bar. It appears to have been installed correctly.

The car has a 1.8L VVT engine out of an NB miata. It is running on an MSLabs ECU. Basically a MegaSquirt 3 in a different enclosure to be able to plug into the OEM harness. It has a decent base map on it. AFRs look good.
I have a second 1.8L VVT engine out of a 2001 Miata. It's in the process of tear down. My intention was to do some metrology and design some parts for the engine currently in the car, and then eventually build a new motor for the car.

I've installed a set of Tein Street basis Z shocks and springs and a manual steering rack.

I've installed a hard top with bolt-in brackets. This should slow down anyone trying to steal it. The hard top is in fantastic condition and is black. It looks nice on the car.

I've installed a pair of seats out of a Lotus Elise. They've been redone with new cloth and new foam. They're on RyokuRob brackets.

The car also has Kosei wheels and new sticky tires.

I'm asking $6000 for the car with all the goodies
I'm asking $4500 for the car by itself
$1000 for the seats by themselves
$1200 for the hardtop by itself
$600 for the spare engine by itself
$600 for the Kosei wheels and sticky tires by themselves

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« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 05:16:37 PM »

any interest in pulling the roll bar out to sell separately?

chalky white '92 miata
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