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76  Events / Autocross / Results? on: April 28, 2006, 10:28:54 AM
The results pages sez:
23 Apr: AutoX @ RRC (coming Wednesday 26 April)

So izzit Wednesday yet?

[size=-1](this is me being patient)[/size][/align]
77  Events / Other Events / Club Meeting on 2-16 on: March 01, 2006, 09:10:40 AM
Am I correct in recalling that the members at the meeting voted to make La Siesta our permanent meeting place, rather than alternating with Roma's as we originally planned & announced?

Ifso we need to make more noise about it!
78  Events / Road Rally / Rally Results on: March 01, 2006, 08:41:59 AM
For those of you wondering "what results?", they can be found here:
79  Events / Autocross / New to VMSC on: November 17, 2005, 06:04:34 AM
You were talking about working Saturday ... 11Dec is a Sunday.  So come on down to Dinwiddie and join the the rest of us car nuts having fun going fast.  Just be prepared to spend most of the day at it.
80  Events / Road Rally / AAAAAMEN. on: November 14, 2005, 06:21:50 AM
I'll second the kudos to Keath for putting on an excellent event for a first effort.  The course ran briskly over pretty country roads, and the weather Gods even cooperated with a beautiful day.

One tiny kvetch: one of the "features" of the event was less that wonderful if you managed to get lost, because having NRI's inserted by control slips meant that if you missed a control you then had an incomplete set of route instructions and thus no prayer of finding the rest of the course.  But of course, that only mattered if you missed a control, and only one of the ten teams had that misfortune.

There was a slight organizational hitch with the closed controls when it was discovered that the rookie control workers faithfully recorded the times, but failed to also record the associated car numbers.  OOOPS!  This is the sort of thing that happens when you have to staff controls with the people who were willing to show up regardless of their experience level.  As we continue to run events, our pool of experienced workers will grow right along with our pool of experienced contestants.

Memo to self (and other rallymasters), having a control-sheet pre-printed with columns headed "Time" and "Car Number" makes it harder for this particular snafu to happen.  Not impossible, mind you, but at least harder.

PS to ceecpa:  :evil:
  I'll betcha there will be an increased interest in rallying once the impact of rally points begins to sink in after the banquet !!
81  Events / Autocross / Results : AutoX 30 Oct 2005 : POSTED on: November 11, 2005, 10:30:48 AM
Originally posted by draco50
On the backstretch, there was a box that wasn't really a box; it was more of a 45-degree turn with a million cones around it.  There was a gap in the inside wall of this box, and several people went through it, thereby missing the final gate in that short sequence leading up to the first of the true right-angle boxes.

Ja, sure, tell me about it now.  But it would have been nice to hear about it before the event was over.  I didn't find out I was off course all 5 runs until I looked at the posted scores.

Thanx fer nuthin', y'all.

82  Events / Road Rally / Thanks to all on: October 24, 2005, 06:56:12 AM
Despite the grey day and attempted interference from two AmTrack trains and a zillion-car freight train, we were able to get going on our first course rally in years.  After a long stop at the end of the ODO leg, which was not long enough to actually take the tour of Patrick Henry's home but quite long enough to get chilled and damp, we started off and promptly bit the first trap.

This was a control located inside a Free Zone.  HUH?  Three of the eight teams did it right: blow on through without stopping, follow the course as it looped around to the end of the free zone, and stop when it brought you through the second time.  We were NOT one of the ones who did it right.

But my navigator redeemed himself almost immediately: the 3rd control was at the end of a medium-long confidence leg, where you came up a hill and saw a control in front of you.   But the one you could see was the 4th control; to follow the course you had to ignore it and turn left to follow your route into the real 3rd control, which was a few hundred yards out of sight.

Sleazy!! One's natural instinct is to dive into a control and find out where you are.  But course rallys are all about denying your natural instincts and following the letter of the instructions, and my navigator yelled "Go left! GO LEFT!" which made us one of the two teams that did this one right.  WOO HOO!!  The penalty for biting this was was a crusher: you missed control #3 and maxed #4 for a total of 450 penalty points.  OUCH!  :grr:  And to rub it in, the checkpoint workers were handing out suckers!!  Even though we didn't bite this trap, we accepted our suckers in honor of trap #1.  Cheesy

The rest of the day went like this, to the extent that NO TEAMS, not even experienced equipped ones, made it through without at least one max.  But the traps were well enough looped so no one got totally lost, and the traps were feindishly clever enough that we found ourselves admiring them even as we took our three maxes.

Many thanx to Chuck & Betsy for a well organized and challenging event.  I hope they havn't scared everyone away from course events ... for me it was a welcome blast from VMSC's past when we put on 11 tough course rallys a year and the 3 or 4 autocrosses were a sort of afterthought.
83  Events / Road Rally / Question re: Franklin's Fury on: September 29, 2005, 06:12:42 AM
[size=+2]Faith and begorrah !!![/size]

One snide little post and results are to be had after all.
See them at:

... but Frankie is still angry furious, ya know.

84  Events / Road Rally / Question re: Franklin's Fury on: September 28, 2005, 10:04:21 AM
The entire line for Franklin's Fury at
is grayed out ... Frankie must really be in a snit !!
85  Events / Autocross / Great course today!! on: September 26, 2005, 05:03:08 AM
[size=+1]AMEN[/size][/b] to that !![/u]
I hear it was a partial-sort-of-copy of the North course at the Nationals?  That makes it a demonstration of the fact that a large part of genius is the abillity to recognize ideas worth stealing!
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