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1  General / Technical Help / Re: 2017 street tires on: April 15, 2017, 05:35:49 AM
The sidewall stiffness and spring rate can make a big difference on how a particular tire handles on a particular car, too.  Stiffly sprung lightweight cars with lots of camber (STS) tend to do better with softer sidewalls while heavy soft sprung camber-challenged cars tend to prefer as stiff a sidewall as we can get.  Then you get into tire compound and heat range and it becomes a big mess.

IMHO, RE-71R is still tops across the line, unless you have a stiff light car in which case RivalS 1.5 may be the tire to get.  Optimal RE-71R temp is 120-130F, try not to exceed 160F [source: a Bridgestone engineer].

FYI, there's speculation the Falken RT615K+ is sharing the same tread compound with ZII*.  Their performance is very very similar.
2  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: Media from VMP 09.04.16 on: September 04, 2016, 07:26:20 PM
Great course, great event, had a lot of fun today!  Here's my best run (39.937), which I unfortunately coned away, story of my life, haha.
3  General / Autos and Autosport / Re: Dominion Raceway on: July 30, 2016, 04:47:36 PM
The track layout is great- looks incredibly fun.  The problems are the concrete barriers, which are necessary in some corners for safety due to the position of the drainage ditches and proximity to the property line, and there not being any grass yet- every 2 wheel off created a blinding dust cloud.  There was a wreck last weekend during a spec miata race due to dust cloud blindness and may have been others.
4  General / Autos and Autosport / Re: Dominion Raceway on: July 27, 2016, 05:26:48 PM
I think TNiA is a bit upset about concrete walls inches from the sides of the track in several corners.  That's not really compatible with a "track your DD!" type low-risk event.
5  General Category / Ask the Competition Committee / Re: Opinions on running by class on: July 25, 2016, 03:48:38 PM
20 cars with 30 second spacing is just 10 minutes; if you spend 2 minutes staging for start and another 2 minutes returning to grid after the finish, you get your required 5 minutes, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

If you work grid at SCCA national events, you are taught that the 5 minutes is measured from the time a a car stops in its grid spot until the time it leaves its grid spot.  The actual rule is not that specific.

That may just be a matter of convenience for the purposes of national event parity since it would be tough for grid to track drivers consistently from any other point.  The official SCCA rulebook doesn't specify the clock starts in grid, they just say that a minimum of (5) minutes must elapse before a driver may take a re-run.  Interestingly, this time appears to only relate to re-runs, not spacing during regular runs in a heat...  I guess national rules assume large heats?
6  General Category / Ask the Competition Committee / Re: Opinions on running by class on: July 24, 2016, 12:32:52 PM
I am not a fan of running by class for regional events like ours.  First off, I think it's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.  How many classes do we have where there is serious competition between comparable skilled drivers?  2?  3?  They can already run together by pick-a-heat preference; for everyone else, it's either irrelevant.

Mostly, though, it creates a lot of issues.  One is competitive: there is more competition between classes for overall pax points than within classes, and it would make more sense to run all the top drivers together so they run in the same conditions... but we can't just run a "pro" class because we'd have some heats stacked with all our qualified workers and others scratching for novices with enough experience to operate a radio.

Another is what Bernard brought up regarding codrivers.  I don't like codriving in a single heat with anyone; it's hectic and often difficult to deal with tire heat.  Especially when we end up with small run-groups and long distances between finish, grid, & start, there's nearly zero time between one driver getting out and the next heading to the line.  20 cars with 30 second spacing is just 10 minutes; if you spend 2 minutes staging for start and another 2 minutes returning to grid after the finish, you get your required 5 minutes, but it sure doesn't feel like it!   (The only time it helps is when it's super cold out, but then it gives an unfair advantage to people with codrivers.)

And what happens when 3 or more people want to codrive the same car in the same class?

Basically, I think it creates more problems than it's worth, especially when competitors already have the ability to voluntarily run the same heat together.
7  General Category / Announcements / Re: 2016 PAX/RTP on: January 17, 2016, 04:10:26 PM
Yea I dont know what he was thinking with the first pax, the tire limit is going to help the most hopefully I can save enough for 18x11s and 315s and ditch these 265s.

Porsche doesn't have a legal ST class do they?
There are a few older Porsches classed, but no water cooled (yet).  The STU rules were modified this year to include mid-engine and rear-engine and we're expecting to see at least 986 classed in STU; how much else is speculation right now.  It will probably be fairly conservative this year, with performance impacting what cars get classed in STU next year. 

2015 STU tire allowances are pretty restrictive for mid & rear-engine, though.  My opinion is that with the heavy RWD moving to STP, this year is a great opportunity to drastically increase the tire allowances across all of STU to let people run the tires they actually WANT to instead of artificially narrow tires.  I think the best way to fix this is to change the wording from absolute tire width to average width.  That you could run 255 square on a Boxster, or you could run OEM sizes of 235 front 265 rear on a 987 Cayman, etc.
8  General / Technical Help / Re: Anyone understand NASA's AutoX classing? on: September 05, 2015, 10:05:34 AM
NASA classing rules:

One big difference between SCCA and NASA is that NASA's classing points are based off of the BASE model, not the highest prep model.  So if your car comes with an optional stiffer suspension than the base model, or a more powerful engine, or optional spoiler, etc., you need to add the OEM options in the same as you would for aftermarket mods.

NASA classing was originally developed for the track and though they made some modifications for NASA-X autocross, the track dependencies really seem to show.  A 205hp Civic Si may actually be pretty close to an STS miata at VIR.

As far as I know, nobody has tried to develop an index for NASA but since so many people run in both clubs, you can take the results and manually convert to SCCA classing/index if you're curious.  Since I'm not competing for championship points with NASA, I usually NASA-X class results completely and just translate to SCCA for benchracing.

9  Results / Autocross / Re: Results 23 August 2015 on: August 24, 2015, 05:09:12 PM
Just wanted to say y'all ran a great event- course was fun, weather was great, and was nice seeing our friends in VMSC again.  Melissa and I had a lot of fun. Smiley

10  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: Media from 8/23/15 Event on: August 23, 2015, 04:56:43 PM
Here's my fastest clean run for whomever is interested:
11  Results / Autocross / Re: Results 23 August 2015 on: August 23, 2015, 04:00:53 PM
Thanks for posting the results so quickly!
12  Events / Autocross / Re: VAC Danville Videos on: August 11, 2015, 04:49:45 AM
Interesting mashup!  I was curious the side-by-side-by-side of the 3 of us, actually.  You slalomed like a champ, that's for sure.  I think Marc was having corner-entry-oversteer issues which hurt him; I think this this was a course you really had to attack those corners hard to be fast.
13  Events / Autocross / Re: Patriot Course Circuit Cross Sept 5th on: August 10, 2015, 06:59:31 PM
It's pretty awesome that NASA can basically host a time trial on the Patriot Course for $85!  Gripfest was created by a few local car nuts a few years ago because there were no affordable track days, and the chance to take a few autocross-style runs at NCCAR for about $100 was pretty extraordinary.  And, it turns out, visionary: TSCC was inspired to do similar events at Academi, and it looks like NASA was paying attention, too. 

Would be awesome if VMSC could hold similar events at Dominion Raceway Smiley  I just hope Dominion Raceway is affordable enough and safe enough to do it.  I really worry about autocrossers hitting high-speed tracks in autocross cars with very little (no) safety equipment, no instructors, and drivers used to driving 10/10 all the time.  Hard to tell yet what they're planning at Dominion, but from the early photos, it looks like a place where roll cages and HANS may be required.
14  General / Technical Help / Re: Car scales and corner weight? on: May 31, 2015, 04:04:18 PM
Tidewater Sports Car Club had a couple corner weighting sessions at Tidewater Community College's auto center a few years ago that were really cool.  Wasn't so much about corner-weighting everyone's cars as teaching us how to do it properly.  Started with a 90 minute classroom session covering race car dynamics and why corner balancing is important, and then we corner-balanced two cars for a demo using the club scales.  Maybe y'all could do something similar?  (Shoot, maybe we should do it again at TSCC, it's been a few years, lol)  We did it at TCC because two of the profs were active in our club at the time and did it for us for free, but it could really be done anywhere.
15  General / Autos and Autosport / Re: Extreme Performance Summer tires in cold weather on: May 31, 2015, 03:51:04 PM
The risk of tire damage in cold weather is specific to each tire.  I daily drove ZI* and ZII all winter long for 6 years, including temps down into the teens with no issues whatsoever.  I was surprised how much grip they had, even in extremely cold temperatures- not exactly competition level, but better than a typical snow tire, and grip came up once they got some heat.  They were usually warm to the touch by the time I got to work.

I tried driving once on snow... never again.  Cold is one thing, but these are NOT snow tires.

What'd you think of ZII* in the cold, any issues?  I haven't had mine out much below freezing.
16  General / Open Forum / Re: Did anybody Pre-Order one of these on: May 31, 2015, 03:45:47 PM
Fortunately, VMSC and TSCC are not SCCA Smiley  I'd love to have video like this for post-event feedback.
17  General / Open Forum / Re: Finally made it to VIR, and had a very close call. But I caught it on tape! on: May 31, 2015, 03:42:26 PM
Has VIR relaxed the roll bar requirements for Boxsters, or was this just hyperfest?  I thought they required a straight roll bar extension for 986 series, top closed, and 2" clearance to the broomstick.

I'm still worried about wrecking and this is just... WOW.  How did he manage to spin on the straight, what happened?
18  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: Results from TSCC-VMSC October 19th Autocross on: October 20, 2014, 04:16:42 PM
Was great to see so many friends from VMSC again Smiley  I really need to get out to more VMSC events.

Chris: congrats on FTD!!
19  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Results from TSCC-VMSC October 19th Autocross on: October 19, 2014, 06:05:38 PM
Combined results of all participants:
20  Events / Autocross / Re: Oct 19th TSCC Autocross a Points autocross for VMSC? on: October 06, 2014, 04:57:52 PM
As a reminder, registration for the TSCC-VMSC Challenge autocross closes Wednesday night, as we need to submit the access list over a week out.  When you register, please enter your driver's license number; we use the registration list for the event access list.  if you're not sure if you'll be able to make it, at least register as a spectator in MSR- that'll get you on the access list for the event.
21  General / Open Forum / Re: Anyone have a tidewater registration? I need Steve Fehr's email on: June 27, 2014, 08:07:08 PM
Stu, I just agreed to sell my 996 GT3 swaybar to someone else last night, but if it falls through, I'll let you know.  They pop up for sale on rennlist pretty frequently, too.  On full soft it's something like 20% stiffer than stock (on my '04S), but I never really noticed much roll reduction; it was more noticible in changing the balance- it's counterintuitive, but a little stiffer in the front serves to reduce dynamic camber loss and compensate somewhat for the meager negative front camber we can get, and can help make the car a little less pushy.  Too stiff and it just starts to understeer worse.  This is a 5 position bar and I usually ran 2nd from softest.

<--- was one click too stiff @ VMP the day this photo was taken, but sure made for a great shot, lol

If you get sick of waiting and just decide to buy new:
22  Events / Autocross / Re: 2014 Schedule and ODs on: March 08, 2014, 02:04:33 PM
For those interested in driving down to Tidewater, ODR-SCCA is running the first Sunday of every month again, still at Pungo, and TSCC is running the 3rd sunday every month but April.  TSCC's April event will be the 2nd sunday, the same weekend as a VMSC RIR event, unfortunately.  TSCC will have 6 events at ACU4 this year, May through Oct, and will be hosting VAC in August.  March, April and Nov events will be at Pungo.  We'll have a T&T in May and a novice school in June.  Academi dates are TBD, but should be announced soon. We still need to schedule the TSCC/VMSC challenge- VMSC's turn to host this year, I believe?

Brian Wells compiled all the local events within a few hours drive of us that have been published thus far:
23  General / Technical Help / Re: Conflicting tire advice on: November 01, 2013, 03:46:08 AM
I believe Tirerack's advice is related to hydroplaning.  Higher tire pressures are going to reduce the size of the contact patch and reduce the risk of hydroplaning, which is probably THE most dangerous risk of driving in the wet.  For autocross, though, we tend to discount the risk of hydroplaning and instead try to maximize just plain ole' ordinary wet grip.  For that, we still want a nice wide contact patch.  Since grip is lower in the wet, weight transfer is lower, too, which means we can run at a lower pressure wet than we could dry.  Same thing in really cold weather.
24  Results / Autocross / Re: 09/16/2012 Results on: September 18, 2012, 02:38:10 AM
Johnny Nowell's last run (and he thinks fastest run, but never got a timing slip) isn't showing up.  Do you have a time for him?
25  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: VMSC-BRR Challenge photos on: October 11, 2010, 12:31:50 PM
Great photos, thanks! Cheesy

I threw my fastest run up on Youtube if anyone is interested.  As fortune has it, it was my fastest run by over a second, but I hit a cone, DOH!  I've GOT to stop overdriving...

Chesapeake, VA
04 Boxster S
BS, Street Tire
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