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51  General / Technical Help / Does anyone have a bore camera I can borrow? on: December 13, 2015, 09:44:56 AM
I need to inspect the oil pump inside the merkur but dont really want to pull the motor again and drop the oil pan.

Just need to read the model number off of the oil pump, by going in from a 1/2" npt fitting welded onto side of the pan. So it will need to be flexable and smallish. No more than 1/2" in diameter

52  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: October 11, 2015 Autocross on: November 03, 2015, 11:23:59 AM
Thanks for the announcement... She hasnt spoken about it all that much so it is making me think that you guys cheated.... hmmmm

Good times folks. Mindy has never had this much fun autocrossing as the end of this season. All the way home she was talking about that POS bmw and how to catch Richardo/what she needed to work on. I think your brewing a real competitor!
53  Results / Autocross / Re: results from oct 11 2015 on: October 12, 2015, 06:53:41 PM
Good weekend, thanks again James. Fun times.
54  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: October 11, 2015 Autocross on: October 12, 2015, 06:52:20 PM
Im in! I like the idea of combining our runs minus 1. So if you take out 3 cones in a run it is going to suck. Mindy rarely hits anything so that plays into Ricardo's favor.

Im loving Ricardo's new avatar. "Not skirted" ha
55  General / Open Forum / Re: Farmboy Fab: 1989 K2500 6.0 LSx swap on a budget on: September 28, 2015, 03:10:47 PM
John reminded me that I had not updated the thread this weekend. So here we go.

High pressure fuel pump was swapped out using the 96+ chevy fuel pump for a vortex motor (58psi if I remember correctly). Once again it was a simple bolt in setup.

Painted the engine bay and fuel tank bottom with a bunch of thick coats of rustoleum

New fasteners used for the fuel tank straps. I had to cut one to get the tank out, so better safe than sorry.

Motor mounts bolted on and locktited. I went with the dirty dingo mounts as they provided more adjust ability forward and aft.

Oil pressure gauge port/oil cooler block off added. One day I'll add a oil cooler but this should suffice for now.

Dropped the oil and it came out bright and clean. Nothing alarming and help solidify the maintenance done on the motor was a least normal.

Cutting out and picking apart the stock wiring. Here we go...

56  General / Autos and Autosport / Re: Hit a deer in the Miata at 50-60mph on: September 27, 2015, 03:54:43 PM
Dude! You started the miata hack project!

If you decide the tube the front lmk. Ive got the bender begging to be used.
57  General / Open Forum / Re: Farmboy Fab: 1989 K2500 6.0 LSx swap on a budget on: June 25, 2015, 07:03:38 PM
Few more photos of the progress. It is really about cleaning up the truck now and preparing it for the new motor.

Took a few hours to remove all of the attachments.

Then with a little bit of tug and some aligning of the transmission the motor almost fell out. Thanks to Mindy and Jeff. I've never had a engine come out as easy as this one.

During the week I borrowed Justin's power washer and wen to town.

Lastly I pulled and cleaned the fuel tank to get ready for a high pressure fuel pump install. The TBI 350 uses something like 14psi of fuel pressure. The more modern LSX motors use 58psi.

Couple coats of black paint on the top half.

More next time.
58  General / Open Forum / Re: Farmboy Fab: 1989 K2500 6.0 LSx swap on a budget on: June 24, 2015, 07:16:25 PM
After 6 months of collecting parts I've finally pulled the trigger on getting this done. Here is the latest.

Its a little bigger than the merkur, glad I didn't get a extended cab.

Added clutch, flywheel, pilot bearing and pressure plate:

Pilot bearing is installed with about a 1/4" hanging out. This sets the proper engagement with the input shaft of the transmission.

Last time with this motor in the truck.

More coming soon.
59  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: June 15, 2015, 06:47:36 AM
Well it has been a month or so. Here is the latest series of events to bring this up to date.

Cliff notes: Made a CF hood.

Added studs and copper nuts everywhere:

Had an issue at VIR with the intake on number 3 cylinder. The cam lobe had a gouge in it. It also cracked the upper portion of the lifter like something had gotten between the rocker and cam. Then in compressed the lifter and smacked the valve down all the way.

So I shimmed the lifters up a bit and it ran fine, just made a lot of noise.

Had an autocross

Then took it to CMP for a track day where it didn't stop giving me motor issues. Overheating by getting air in the cooling system, turbo studs backing out all the time. Eventually the wastegate failed, it over boosted and pop! no more merkur motor. Coasted into the pits and loaded it on the trailer.

Now I'm a cross roads on what to do. I'm not sure if I'm going to finally put that 50 trim on it that I've horded with a rebuilt 2.3, I have a volvo head sitting here as well. Or say screw the turbo stuff and go V8.

For now the project will be on hold until I can get myself in a position where I can do some work in a direction that I'm certain on.

60  Events / Autocross / Re: Practice #1 on: June 03, 2015, 07:16:39 PM
By the way, Gunny, Paul and Stu. We all will need to be really  fast for the rest of the season or we might have to wear a skirt (Raw time) by the end of the season since I got a co-driver now. Just saying.

Ive got to start loosing weight, so i dont look like such a fat ass in mine. i figured it is inevitable.
61  General / Open Forum / Re: Looking for your next autox car?? on: May 18, 2015, 05:35:25 PM
This is awesome! Looks like those old CRX's were too cheap. All sold out!

There's one under a tarp in someone's back yard on Huguenot Rd......

I've got one under a trap too if anyone wants a project real cheap like

Even though I know you meant "tarp", "trap" is definitely more appropriate.  This is the kind of trap I always fall for.

Haha well stated, i fell for it, just need another sucker to so as well.
62  General / Open Forum / Re: Looking for your next autox car?? on: May 18, 2015, 02:41:53 PM
This is awesome! Looks like those old CRX's were too cheap. All sold out!

There's one under a tarp in someone's back yard on Huguenot Rd......

I've got one under a trap too if anyone wants a project real cheap like
63  General / Open Forum / Re: Looking for your next autox car?? on: May 17, 2015, 05:21:36 PM
Always wanted a honda city turbo.
64  General / Classifieds / Re: 3.4L Boxster for sale on: May 10, 2015, 07:47:49 PM
Totally worth the asking price, fun car. It would take almost double to recreate.

65  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: May 10, 2015, 06:29:16 PM
VIR update.

So this last weekend was pretty sweet. Great track, tons to do/see, awesome time hanging out with friends and family. This was Hyperfest's first time at VIR and all in all in it went really well. For those who don't know, Hyperfest is a NASA mid-alantic event holding HPDE levels, various races (Spec miata, Honda Challenge, E30/E36) as well as various time trials mixed with USDrift and there Hooliganism on the Patriot course all in one weekend. On top of that there was a 2 hour kart enduro, helicopter rides, rally rides, pro drifter ride alongs, burnout contest, beer garden and a car show, just to name a few things. There really isn't any other grassroots auto event that I know of state side that has the same amount of shear stuff going on.

Before getting to the even coverage I had a couple of loose ends to finish up on the car. First a bleed nipple for the upper rad hose to purge out any air. Worked very well, no leaks.

Also moved to a 180* thermostat. Notice the difference at 195*. The 180* is wide open and the OE and part store brand just started to crack open.

Then Thursday evening Justin came over and we loaded his trailer with the car and tons of tools for the trek to VIR the next day.

I didn't take any photos through the weekend so I'll keep it short and sweet. Friday Mindy and I made it to the track pretty early, around noonish. A couple of old friends of ours, Renzo, Jorge and Chris where on the way as was Justin with the merkur as well as Jeff and Audie with the integra and Stu with his boxster. We scoped out an area for us all to park. At 7 or so everyone had arrived, had a beer, I got tech'd and relaxed. Open track was on full course and we watched a few of the racers start to prep for the weekend races.

Saturday morning was like a typical HPDE, some driver's meeting along with a classroom session and such. Then by 10am it was track time. Each day we got 4 sessions of 25 minutes or so on full course.

Here is Jeff in his k20 integra following me around VIR for a bit. Every now and then you'll see a flame at a shift.

Saturday evening I caught a ride with Pat, who was participating in the USDrift sector of Hyperfest, and it was epic! Before we headed to the 2 hour Karting Enduro with Mindy, Justin, Pat and I. We placed 9th of 12 teams.

Sunday was more of the same just a little less hecktic. USDrift was winding down and the crowd started to thin as the afternoon progressed. Jeff and Audie headed out a bit early due to some power steering issues with the integra. Justin, Mindy and I got out a bit after the last session.

Sunday's last run, at the end I got to play with a Cayman, other than that, clear track as you will see. I did better the cars personal best at a 2:25.9 on Saturday's 2nd session out. However with the mechanical issues I couldn't improve on that late Saturday or Sunday.

Currently car is under going the knife again, It felt noticable weaker through the weekend and I quickly found out that the gasket between the turbo and manifold had blown out, letting all some exhaust gas escape past the turbo. More on that later as a new turbo is being built along with what I hope a fresh bottom end. Car needs more than 160whp around VIR...
66  General / Classifieds / Re: Paul a Car for you - 1987 Merkur XR4Ti $500 OBO on: May 05, 2015, 06:29:44 PM
Wow. Thats cheap and 50 bucks plus about 1000 manhours from being a fun car. Smiley

67  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: April 29, 2015, 03:27:51 PM
Thanks Pat!

Look awesome.
68  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: April 23, 2015, 08:09:12 PM
Don't let that head swell too much there buddy. I'ma coming of you!

Another weekend and another autocross. This time my brother and Richardo couldn't come play so it was the boxster and corvette who remained. The course was 63-65 seconds and the merkur was once again bettered by Gunny in the vette but only by 2 tenths. Stuart in the boxster lagged behind the merkur a tad, however I know next event will see him on new tires which are by far his biggest handicap right now.

The event was at VMP which had the obligatory lane change with slalom down one side, a cross over or two and a few off set gates coming back. Typically I've found it a very rewarding setup if you get it right from the start, as soon as you get a little behind your time usually reflects it because of how easily it compounds. Also grip is down at VMP and at the top of 2nd gear with the throttle pinned most modified cars are skipping, gentle inputs are required.

The night before the event Mindy and I pulled most of the camber out of the car, raised the nose a inch or so and realigned it with 1/8" toe out. This resulted in a much more confident setup with a touch of under steer in the slow corners and a lot more stability in the fast turns. The biggest change however was the braking effects. It was like we where driving a new car. It stopped very well with only a little lock up once braking way too late for a cross over turn. 44 psi in the fronts and 40 in the rear also helped keep the car feeling precise but stable.

Thank you Laura for the photos! The look fantastic.

Now the bad news. The car still overheats! very strange so I'm working that out. So far I've tested 3 different thermostats in boiling water and the one that was in it (generic parts store) didn't start cracking open until 198-200 degrees, it is a 192* thermostat?! The OEM unit from Ford (motorcraft & also 192*) didn't open much faster however a 180* thermostat from STANT was wide open at 190ish. Looks like I need to gain more flow at 190* so I hope that is part of the issue. I also added a bleed nipple to the upper rad hose so I can make sure there is no air in the system.

Next event is VIR... more on that later.

69  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: April 09, 2015, 09:32:55 AM
Gunny, that was my fender clearancing device... works too Smiley

Couple of photos and notes.

So Gunny, Stuart, my own brother Pat and Richardo are the Raw time contenders for the Merkur this year. Out of the 5 of us the Merkur was bettered by the M3 and Corvette. Total separation was less than 8 tenths of a second between all of us! I hope to do more driver comparing as this season progresses as it adds a personal element to it.

Here is a few of us on the same corner. Note the different lines. Richardo is fast for a reason and it ain't just that car. He visually is better prepared than Mindy and I in that turn alone.




The merkur lacked brakes big time, I'd mash the stop pedal wayyy to late and that became an issue very quickly at the end of the longish straight and through the finish by locking up tires. I will take some camber out of the front before next event to see if I can gain some braking. I doesn't do much for confidence when I can't trust the brakes.

The new balanced tires still kept the car neutral in the slow corners but it is still very oversteery in the fast corners. I'm not sure what to do here but next event I will try keeping the rear tires at a lower tire pressure. I think a big wing would help in the fast stuff. Mindy isn't convinced.

The new intercooler/radiator placement kept the car nice and cool (even though it was only 40* out). No leaks so far.

The new downpipe did help with boost pressures early on. The day before Richardo and Gunny drove the car and it was noticeably harsher when boost came on. We de tuned it some before Sunday but it came out a little soft for my liking at the event. It was only at 15 psi vs the 18-19 that I'm trying to run. Down 10-15 hp I'd say. Torque curve felt linearish... as much as a 80s turbo car can be...

Till next time. Thanks David for the photos as always!

70  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: April 06, 2015, 06:50:34 PM
Paul, I was thinking about what you said about your problem stopping the car on Sunday.  Is there any chance that boost is getting into the vacuum side of your brake booster?  This was fairly common on turbo cars of the 80s (my Pontiac Sunbird Turbo for instance).  After a long pull the boost would fill the "vacuum" side of the brake booster.  At that point you didn't have brakes until the pressure was gone.  It usually didn't have much noticeable effect on short pulls.
Gene Cooley

Not a bad thought Gene, and something I should check. I know the biggest issue was the finish was fast and I had the throttle pinned going in a left hand arc and I couldn't lift until I got the car straight and settled. Then I'd hit the brakes and they would lock up quick and we'd slide. It was pretty bad.

First Autocross with the setup two weekends ago. Car did ok, more grip than before. The steering inputs where not as precise however due to the sponginess of the tires. Stopping however was still a big concern as I just had put EBC yellow pads in. Tires pressures are still something we need to play with as they fluctuate a lot being as large as they are.

So here are my rotors after a year of autocrossing (12 events and 3 pratices) with 3 drivers... I can still see the factory cross hatching. It basically polished them. I replaced the pads and in a single event have worn off all the cross hatching with 3 drivers. These old pads are worthless.

Swapping pads.

At the event

More photos and bigger update coming soon when David releases his photos.
71  General / Open Forum / Re: No Ethanol on: April 02, 2015, 06:15:19 PM
There is a place on rt60 in powhatan. Justin should know the name.
72  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: Media from 3-29 autocross @ RIR on: March 31, 2015, 10:03:16 AM
Here is one of my runs, not sure the time on this one, 36.3s I think.
Nice course and great event. And Paul I have audio(left the camera on for 10 min.) of you being smug about your 36s run, so funny. That's the main reason I love to autox with VMSC great guys and a lot of trash talk!

Hahah thats awesome! Love giving shit and then getting my ass handed too me it.

It is also amazing to watch Gunny and You actually be able to stop BEFORE that guy handing the time slips out. I couldn't stop 40 feet past him...
73  Pictures and Media / Pictures and Media from Events / Re: Media from 3-29 autocross @ RIR on: March 30, 2015, 06:52:55 PM
Here is my fastest run of the day.

had a blast!


"here comes the scary part..." I LOL'd
74  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: March 24, 2015, 09:19:43 AM
Put a hundred or so miles on the car last night. Everything seems good. I call it "big foot" now. The tires are much less precise than before and the gearing is completely different. I can hit fuel cut at 21psi pretty quick with the new downpipe so I've got to turn it down a bit. It comes on strong but not as strong as I thought it would be due to the extra large tires. I can be mid corner and plant the gas and it hunkers down and grips coming out. Remember I'm still on stock turbo making maybe 170whp at most with a bunch of low end torque. From 2.5k to 4.5k it is pretty torquey. Other than that it is dead, I may have made the car worse this winter but we will see how it does next weekend on its first autox of the season and I'll adjust from there.

75  General / Open Forum / Re: FarmBoy Fab: Mindy's Merkur, I title "Progression to RWD" on: March 23, 2015, 02:15:18 PM
I know right! Had to do something since im in c prepared now...
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