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Title: iRacing; Virtual Motorsports
Post by: TonyR64 on June 20, 2018, 03:18:34 AM
When I'm not at an actual race track or motorsport event, I've found a quite suitable substitute...virtual racing! These simulations are very realistic. All that's missing is the natural effects of weather and gforces on your body, risk of bodily harm, and costly repairs, lol. I might also add it's far cheaper than real-world racing also!

There's tons of cars to race; from street stock to GT Prototype to F1, you name it, you can probably drive it here. I'm a member of a couple racing leagues, which I will make individual topics for. The cool thing is many racing events are "broadcast" live on the internet via YouTube and Facebook; these events are covered with all the realism of any NASCAR or F1 race you would watch on T.V. Look for the League threads I'll post soon!

Title: Re: iRacing; Virtual Motorsports
Post by: homerunman on July 23, 2018, 08:24:54 AM
As far as autocross specific stuff, outside of iRacing I've had pretty positive experiences with Live For Speed. Lots of high-end autocross tracks available to download for free for that game.