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Title: video and data recording?
Post by: marks2k on July 24, 2017, 01:00:47 PM
I have a GoPro Hero3 Black and am considering purchasing an additional Hero5 Black. Better sound, one-button use, voice commands, and a better remote system, I think. But probably the main reason I'm considering it is for the playback feature on the screen on the back of the camera. I would like to easily view my last run, before heading out for the next one, to identify places on the course where I could improve.

Before I make the purchase, I thought I'd ask what others are using, and also ask what data recording devices are being used. I've seen a couple of people recording speed, rpm's, g-forces, etc., and that data being tied into the video. Don't know what is being used, and how the video and data recording functions are talking to each other.

Any suggestions/advice/cautions are appreciated.

Title: Re: video and data recording?
Post by: gunny on July 24, 2017, 04:39:28 PM
I use an older gopro for the shoulder videos and have a contour that I use for dash and helmet.
I recently starting using harry's lap timer on my phone along with a qstwrz 818xt and a obdLink MX.
harry's will do data collection along with video. here is what is looks like.

you can also export the data and video to programs that will merge the two data sources (video and gps/obd data) I forgot my gps this past weekend but I'm going to try DashWare to merge the video and data for my next race. I would like to get rpm, mph, brake, throttle, g's on a single dash board on the video along with the course. something kinda like this.

Anyhow have fun trying things, it can get pretty expensive if you let it or it can be pretty cheap like mine. I'm thinking about getting solo storm as I have everything but solo storm.

I may be interested in your old go pro if your going to sell it.


Title: Re: video and data recording?
Post by: marks2k on July 24, 2017, 06:52:18 PM
Ha! I actually watched both of your videos on youtube earlier today! :)

I liked some of the data display features from each of them. For example, Summit Point showed your position on the entire track, whereas at VMP, it only showed a portion of the course at any one time.
I'd like braking, speed, rpm, throttle, and g-force, in addition to the gps/map info.

I'm going to have to google about half a dozen of your terms: solo storm, dash ware, and wth is qstwrz?! :)

Going to hang on to the older GoPro either way. I'd like to be able to be recording from more than one position, and the edit the two together, depending upon which one shows a better POV.

Thanks, Gunny.