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Title: READABLE Car Numbers and Class Letters
Post by: GeneCooley on August 12, 2015, 10:13:54 AM
At the beginning of the season we asked that all car numbers and class letters be on the car for tech.  At the last few autocrosses we have found that even though the numbers/letters were on the car many of them were unreadable at speed or when viewed from more than a few feet away.  Some were confusing even if you brought a chair and sat down beside the car. Beginning with the next event we will start (again) looking at numbers/letters when the car is teched.  The number should be 8" high. The class letters should be at least 4" high and placed beside the number.  We will not be measuring either numbers or letters; the main objective is that they are readable. Numbers with 2 or 3 different color tapes will not be allowed.
Gene Cooley