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Title: T5.5 results
Post by: Curmudgeon on May 26, 2010, 08:02:37 AM
TipToe Thru The Tulips #5  (aka T5.5) was run Saturday 22 May 2010

We avoided the rains, the roads were fast and fun, and had no whining at the end.  A good day!
Thanks to all the contestants, without whom all the effort would have been for naught.
Special thanks to Charlie Passut for doing the SCCA safety check and working checkpoints
during the event.  Thanks also to Lāle and Julia for helping their crazy husbands play rallymasters
and to Betsy Edwards for taking care of all the SCCA paperwork on our behalf.

Car #TeamClassCP 1CP2CP3CP4CP5CP6TotalPlaceO/A
5McCann / von KaenelEquipped00011021-E1
1Edwards / EdwardsEquipped011410171432-E2
3Marx  / CheneryEquipped25219651583-E4
7Warden/  SenatrikLimited0013470511-L3
2Kuklinski / Siwderski  Novice63200941691111327691-N7
4Ogburn / OgburnStock722100104582011-S5
6Howells / IsemannStock867663513112182-S6