2015 Season Schedule

 Date  Type  Loc  Results   Event Chair (O.D.)
Mar 29   Ax     RIR  Results  Robert Harrison
April 19   Ax     VMP  Results  Audie Chenery
May 30  Sch    RIR  Results  Audie Chenery
May 31   Ax     RIR  Results  Audie Chenery
June 13   Pra    RIR
 Results  Engelbert M.
June 14   Ax     RIR  Results  Engelbert M.
July 18   Pra    RIR  Results  James Carr
July 19   Ax     RIR  Results  Paul Inskeep
Aug 22   Pra    RIR  Results  Robert Harrison
Aug 23   Ax     RIR  Results  Robert Harrison
Sept 26   Pra    RIR  Results  CANCELLED
Sept 27   Ax     RIR  Results  Bud Murray
Oct 10   Pra    RIR  Results  Mindy Inskeep
Oct 11   Ax     RIR  Results  Engelbert M.
Nov 1   Ax    VMP  Results  BRR Challenge

 Ax  = Competition event
 Sch  = Novice School
 Pra  = Practice day

VMSC 2015 Overall Champions Speed Points
Place Name Points Street  
1 James Carr 9513 Place Name Points
2 Jeff Chenery 9493 1 Robert Harrison 6737
3 Audie Chenery 9115 2 James Carr 6713
4 Paul Inskeep 8302 3 Shane Irving 6450
5 Robert Harrison 8237 4 Kirby Lindtveit 5663
6 Ricardo de Moraes 8149 5 Aaron Shifflett 5641
7 Mindy Inskeep 7459 Street Prepared  
8 Joseph Banks 7345 Place Name Points
9 Engelbert Muelhaupt 7329 1 Joseph Banks 6645
10 Christopher Cann 6814 2 Ricardo de Moraes 6249
11 Gene Cooley 6666 3 Sam Banks 6047
12 John Harmon 6649 4 Mindy Inskeep 5559
13 Shane Irving 6550 5 John Peddy 5423
14 Sam Banks 6547                   Prepared/Modified
15 Bud Murray 6462 Place Name Points
16 Dana Cole 6380 1 Engelbert Muelhaupt 5829
17 Charlie Passut 6359 2 Bernard Cooley 5533
18 Bernard Cooley 6333 3 Ben Lawes 5297
Marque Trophies Marque Trophies
  Name Points Name Points
BMW Ricardo de Moraes 7093 Nissan Kevin Chaplin 3854
Chevrolet Robert Harrison 7599 Fiat/Volvo Bernard Cooley 5966
Ford Shane Irving 7900 Porsche Engelbert Muelhaupt 7151
Honda/Acura James Carr 8511 VW Robert Nash 4101
Hyundai Christopher Salzman 6675 Toyota Noah Mankowski 648
Mazda Joseph Banks 7136  
Roger Garrett Corvette Trophy   
Robert Harrison
In Memory of Roger Garrett, who passed away in May of 2014 at the age of 66.  
Wilton Cup   -  Ricardo de Moraes
John Wilton was a long time member of VMSC who drove a Formula Ford.   
He lost his life racing at Summitt Point in 1993. Bill and Sheila Hunter started the cup in his memory to be presented to the club member who provided outstanding service and embodied what the cub stands for.  


2017 Season Schedule

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 Date  Type  Loc  Results   Event Chair (O.D.)
Mar 25  Pra  RIR  Results Wells/Humphries
Mar 26  Ax    RIR   Results Wells/Humphries
April 30  Ax    VMP  Results Engelbert M.
May 20  Sch   RIR  Results A & J Chenery
May 21  Ax    RIR  Results J Chenery / C Kiser
June 25  Ax    VMP  Results deMoraes/Harrison
July 22  Pra   RIR
 Results Harrison / Irving
July 23  Ax    RIR  Results Harrison / Irving
Aug 26  Pra   RIR  Results A & J Chenery
Aug 27  Ax    RIR  Results A & J Chenery
Sept 16  Pra   RIR  Results Irving/Harrison/Murray
Sept 17  Ax    RIR  Results Irving/Harrison/Murray
Oct 8  Ax    VMP  Results   VMSC Picnic
Oct 29  Ax    VMP  Results BRR VMSC Challange
Nov 19  Ax 
 VMP  Results TBD

 Ax  = Competition event
 Sch  =   Novice School       
 Pra  = Practice day (no points)


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Club Board 2017

President: Audie Chenery
1st V. P.: Engelbert Muelhaupt
2nd V. P.: Jeff Chenery
Treasurer: Justin Loehlein
Secretary: Dana Cole
Asst. Secy: Charlie Passut
Registrar: Mindy Inskeep
Timing/Scoring: Joseph Banks
Trophies: Bud Murray
Webmaster: E. Muelhaupt
Newsletter: Curt Kiser
Past Pres.:  Jeff Chenery 

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