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Author Topic: Gave someone a car for Christmas  (Read 4448 times)
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« on: December 19, 2015, 05:11:54 AM »

Figured I'd post this up since at least I found it pretty humorous.  We had a white elephant gift exchange at work this week.  I was thinking up what the most outrageous gift I could get for real cheap was and had an idea.  I could give someone a car - I have enough of them.  I'm obviously not going to give away a car that still has parts that I want/need, but I've got this shell that is mostly stripped.

Excellent idea - I can give away a car.  Maybe the person will actually take it and Danielle will be happy to have one less car in the yard.  Maybe they won't and I'll get to keep it.  Either way, should be pretty hilarious!  I had to think of a creative way to present the "gift" though, since I can't exactly bring the car into the building and don't really want to go through the effort of loading it onto the trailer just to have it in the parking lot or something.  Decided to make a folder with a copy of the title and the keys, plus some pictures.  Here we go.

Cover.  Oprah, of course.

I put a picture of the title inside and taped the keys to the back of the cover.  The red note says "you sign here upon pickup and take the title and the car together"

I figured at this point, whoever won it would most likely be confused and I should slowly introduce them to what they were getting, so I put a stock photo of a Miata and a picture of what the Miata they were getting used to look like.

Maybe at that point they would get excited - perfect time to show them the actual car and all of it's features.

We put the folder in a box and wrapped it up real nice.  Wednesday, we had our gift exchange and it went over really well.  A girl who just started working at the company in July after graduating opened it up.

When she got to the next page and saw the actual pictures, I think she just said "Oh gosh."  She read all the comments out loud to folks - it was pretty funny.  Some of the team came over to my place after the gift exchange and she got to see the car in person.


I don't think she's taking the car, but we did tear out the rearview mirror for her to keep on her desk.

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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 10:53:22 AM »

That's funny.

Looks like she ready to go. LOL.


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