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Title: Photographic demo at event
Post by: chuckrudisill on June 14, 2019, 06:27:42 AM
Good morning everyone, I am wondering what the requirements would be to bring out a group of people to spectate an event for the purpose of Motorsports photography. I manage the Richmond Camera in Carytown, and have an opportunity to work with directly with a manufacture that is bringing new technology geared to sports and Motorsports photographers. I have attended a few events in the past but no longer have an appropriate car for autocross. I understand the waiver requirement, and would not be asking for any special access. But if who would be the decision maker on this please DM me that would be fantastic, I have attempted to contact the club president but have not gotten a response. We would not be trying to sell anything, just would like to bring out equipment and photograph the event.

Thanks! Happy Cone Hunting!