November 19, 2016

Our 2016 Street Survival was a great success!  Thanks to all who instructed, set up, or helped out in any way, we couldn't have done it without you.  Please join us again next year, and tell all your friends with teenage drivers about this excellent program. 


Welcome to the Virginia Motor Sport Club! We're an independent club that has been hosting safe and fun road rallyes and autocross events for our members and guests since 1950.

Registration for our autocrosses is setup on MyAutoEvents. You'll need to create a free account to use the site, which then gives you a Calendar page to keep track of events and request email reminders.

Join our forums where you can see photos and videos of us in action, look through our classifieds, or ask any questions you have on getting started with our club!  Also ask to be added to our email list to get notified of upcoming events and meetings.

You don't have to be a member to race with us,  
but only club members can earn points toward season trophies.

Also note:  Members get reserved car numbers!
(You keep the number by your name on the Membership Entry List. )

            Junior Karters: We would love to have you race with us!  
  Just let us know at least a week before the event so we can adjust our insurance.  Thanks!   

Monthly Club Meetings

Everyone is welcome at our monthly club meetings, on the third Thursday of each month. 
  • Check the website calendar for specific dates.
  • We meet for dinner around 6:30pm and the meeting starts at 8:00pm.  
  • Most meetings are held at a local restaurant, but a few times a year we go to G-Force Karts!

2016 Season Schedule

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for info and registration!

 Date  Type  Loc  Results   Event Chair (O.D.)
Mar 26   Ax    RIR  Results  Team Chenery
April 24   Ax   VMP  Results  Robert Harrison
May 7  Pra    RIR  Results  Jeff Chenery
May 8   Ax    RIR  Results  Harrison / Cann
June 5   Ax   VMP  Results  A.Chenery / Wells
June 11  Sch    RIR
 Results  A.Chenery/B.Kiser
June 12   Ax    RIR  Results  Harrison/deMoraes
July 9  Pra    RIR  Results  Merriman/A.Chen.
July 10   Ax    RIR  Results  TBD
Aug 7   Ax   VMP  Results  TBD
Sept 4   Ax   VMP  Results  B.Cooley / et al.
Oct 2  Pra   VMP  Results  TBD
Oct 16   MEP    Club picnic!!  Cool
Nov 6   Ax   VMP  Results  BRR Challenge

 Ax  = Competition event
 Sch  = Novice School
 Pra  = Practice day (no points)


After a full season of organizing heats by class, what's your verdict?

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events currently scheduled.
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Club Board 2016

President: Jeff Chenery
1st V. P.: Paul Inskeep
2nd V. P.: Audie Chenery
Treasurer: Justin Loehlein
Secretary: Dana Cole
Asst. Secy: Charlie Passut
Registrar: Mindy Inskeep
Merchandising: Chris Cann 
Timing/Scoring: Joseph Banks
Timing/Scoring: William Corwin
Trophies: Bud Murray
Webmaster: Beth Kiser
Newsletter: Curt Kiser
Past Pres.:  Chris Cann 

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